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The film follows a costume stylist rod of Gold

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The film follows a costume stylist rod of Gold Januari 2018

If it had a chance to watch films of famous Indonesia, such as the Heart, Laskar Pelangi, not an ordinary Star, State Tower 5, The dancer, to the latest reply, the great warrior of the golden sceptre, means has had time to watch the costume design from Subijakto. It is already becoming one of the most prolific costume stylists in three film Indonesia, even as he penetrated into ad & styling top-tier musicians. Can it entirely, harga sepeda keranjang wanita but starting from the accident. Found in the first week of Muvila Office, explaining that he was not involved with the fashion sector early on. Just recently, he has had the sensitivity to the Arts cultural result not infrequently & joined his parents who have great interest in that sector. Because the votes have typical yg style of dress, the result was invited to join as a fashion stylist in one Teen magazine for women. "So there is no base at all. From there to the film, the first film`s Brownies. It is up to the advertisement, it used to be grown again ngurusin band Nidji., when it. ..Consistent from singers to the stage, Laskar Pelangi, Ariah, & etc. Up to this time the result was different from most yg bikin fabric, its name as far as the eye can see, "said. Private reply which is claimed to be happy to study the new elements, as well as no small amount of experience reveal itself will run on a single designer, particularly in the matter of the production of the film. Because, through film production requires in-depth research, yg himself all at once adds his insights is a person who loves dabbling in the world of fashion &. In this yg Kayak "I must to Makassar, become the other day my research to the textile museum, to his mantle, experts consistently want to know fabric gloves silk tuh like what the hell, even between North South & udah beda. To be fair I hooked the process of research, anyway. Kayaking in the past, The dancers, it`s related in Banyumas, inconsistent me thither. Nyata-nyatanya, there is the production of fabric motif Banyumas. Be they sell in the market that it than Djogja & Solo. Due to marketnya wanted to buy a trend. My research into the motifs used to make again, "the story of

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