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Competitor Yamaha V-Ixion from Italy

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Competitor Yamaha V-Ixion from Italy Januari 2018

The presence of competitor harga Yamaha VIxion bekas  in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK) 2015 success to the attention of loyal readers. In addition, the story of a man who bought the car use the coin weighing four tons up to Yamaha teaser MT-25 could not escape the spotlight.For more details, heres the top 5 articles otomoti:
1. Yamaha V-Ixion Challengers from Italy Performing Teeth in Jakarta FairAgent brand holders (APM) vehicle harness event Jakarta Fair 2015 to show off their latest models. One of the newer model purchased the APM is PT Benelli Motor Indonesia. APM motorcycle origin Italy introduced the Benelli TNT 15 in Jakarta Fair. Types of motorcycle sport naked this brings the capacity of 150 cc engine.

2. This man Bought a car with a Coin Weighing Four TonsA man makes a scene one of the dealers. harga satria fu bekas The reason, he brought a truck full of contains a coin to buy a new car for US $ 140 thousand or approximately Usd 1.9 billion (exchange rate: us $ 13.289/US $). A sudden, shocking behavior from a man named Gan it makes the whole dealer staff was overwhelmed. It is not possible that dealers refused to rally to 10 staff to move the coins from the truck to the store.

3. To be aware of When Entering the expressway CikapaliThe opening of the new toll road Cikampek-Palimanan stone (Cikapali) gives a fresh wind to the Northern line through pemudik. Because, this 116 km long trim 40 kilometers distance journey to Cirebon. Else takes recalcitrant Cikampek-Palimanan stone now so much shorter. Toll Cikapali operated by PT Lintas Marga Sedaya (For) that can be accessed through the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road through kilometres of 73.

4. Motor bikes for kids Standing at the Jakarta FairOn the title of the Jakarta Fair 2015 in addition to market motorcycles for adults but there is also a booth that provides motorcycle specifically for children. Is PT Trimitra prosperity Trans market mini motorcycles for kids with brand KXD Moto. harga satria fu, KXD Moto booth is located in Hall b. On the booth, exhibited various types of mini motorcycles ranging from motor trail, all terain vehicle (ATV) and motor sport.

5. the Teaser Video Yamaha MT-25, release this SaturdayPT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) will launch its newest product tomorrow (6/6/2015). Though not informed what products will be released, but the most likely is a Yamaha MT-25. This was confirmed with the presence of teaser video released by Yamaha Motor Indonesia. In the video, look silhouette motor to be released is indeed similar to form MT-25 which have long circulated in cyberspace.

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